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Safer Consumer Product Candidate Chemicals
The State of California established a Safer Consumer Products (SCP) program to reduce toxic...

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The State of California established a Safer Consumer Products (SCP) program to reduce toxic chemicals in consumer products. While the program has established a list of candidate chemicals to avoid, the regulations do not preemptively ban the use of any of the chemicals but instead set up a process for assessment of the availability and safety of alternatives, based around two questions to manufacturers: 1) Is this chemical necessary? 2) Is there a safer alternative?

The program now has three lists:

  1. Candidate Chemical list: a list of chemicals with a hazard trait and/or an environmental or toxicological endpoint as identified on one or more of 23 authoritative lists identified in the Safer Consumer Products regulation. These are chemicals that could be identified as priority chemicals to address in the future.
  2. Initial Candidate Chemical list: a subset of the chemicals on the hazard based Candidate Chemical list that also appear on select exposure indicator lists of chemicals that show up in biomonitoring or environmental monitoring. These are the chemicals that the program is currently investigating for priority product work.
  3. Priority Products - Candidate Chemical combinations: The specific chemicals in specific product that have been identified for consideration to be regulated under the Program.

Link to regulations: Title 22, sections 69501-69511

California Department of Toxic Substance Control (CA DTSC)
Hazards for Hazard List
Endpoint Hazard Rating and Description GS Score HPD C2C
Restricted List
Candidate Chemical List NoGS
Restricted List
Chemicals of Concern NoGS

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