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The Pharos library aggregates human and environmental health information from 47 authoritative scientific lists for human and environmental health hazards and 32 restricted substance lists as well as more than:

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See How the Pharos API is Powering the Marketplace

ChemForward and the HPDC are examples of organizations that pull in fresh chemical hazard data every day through the Pharos API to deliver for their customers.

ChemForward uses the Pharos API to drive automated chemical screening and scoring systems.

The HPDC uses the Pharos API in their Health Product Declaration platform to automate product content screening.

See How Data Downloads Can Provide Powerful Insights

Pharos data downloads have helped numerous organizations streamline their workflows by providing solutions to challenges like those presented below. Click each to download example data, and contact us with your specific needs.

“Our organization is working to reduce the incidence of birth defects and wants to identify developmental toxicants that women of childbearing age may be exposed to at work.”

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“Our company uses RSLs and hazard lists as the basis for our chemicals policy. Tracking these manually is burdensome and we want the most complete version of the list by including Pharos compound group members.”

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“Our agency regulates a large number of chemicals and needs to know which are the most hazardous and where they are likely to be found. Keeping this list up to date manually is tedious and time consuming.”

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“Our architecture firm is pursuing the Living Building Challenge certification, and want to know which product types are likely to contain chemicals on the Red List, Watch List, or the Priority for Red List Inclusion list.”

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