How are the Chemical Hazard Data Commons and Pharos related?

We are building the Data Commons as an expansion of the Pharos vision. The Data Commons is built on the Pharos database of scientific hazard listings and the GreenScreen list translator and assessment results calculated by Pharos. We then complement the Pharos data with more chemical hazard and properties data from additional sources and portals to a range of other hazard databases for further exploration. We are designing the Data Commons to support alternatives assessment by allowing users to create chemical lists for group comparisons and provides more support for visualizing GreenScreen analysis. Throughout 2018 we will expand functional use data offerings.  

A significant part of the Data Commons vision is to support collaboration on the challenges and opportunities of chemical hazard identification and avoidance. The Data Commons provides Discussions for the community of users and hosts Projects, including the Chemical Class Population Project and Plastic Packaging Chemicals Project.  

Pharos has a variety of important data sets and functions that are not in the Data Commons. including process chemistry data on select chemicals, Cradle to Cradle list screening, and product level information specifically for the building industry. This includes product category analysis, common products and brand specific product disclosure records.

Will the Data Commons and Pharos remain separate tools?

HBN plans to integrate these two platforms together in the near future. Details of which functionality will require subscription access remains to be determined. Join in the Data Commons Suggestions & Requests Discussion to discuss how to expand functionality and value.  We plan to provide additional subscription functionality for larger bulk operations in the Data Commons, such as uploading more than the 3 lists of 50 chemicals for comparison currently supported

Get this data into your application

Access for other applications to the Pharos/Data commons database of scientific hazard listings and GreenScreen list translator and public benchmarks is currently available by licensed API. Contact us for API licensing information.